Learning Resources

These resources are aimed at helping build assessment literacy, competency in creating, selecting, administering, and interpreting results from student assessment so as to inform teaching and learning.

  • Start with an overview of the collaborative item development process to see how Proola works.
  • Next, go over the Guidelines for Item Development, which summarize best practices for item writing in classroom assessment. The guidelines are based on reviews provided in Haladyna, Downing, and Rodriguez (2002) and Rodriguez and Albano (2017).
  • Finally, if you're in K12 education, check out the Assessment Standards, which outline seven areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities that K12 teachers should master to be assessment literate.

At some point we'll be publishing videos and learning modules to supplement these resources. Contact us for more information.


  • Rodriguez, M C, & Albano, A D (2017). The College Instructor's Guide to Writing Test Items: Measuring Student Learning. Routledge. Available at http://www.routledge.com/9781138886537
  • Haladyna, T M, Downing, S M, & Rodriguez, M C (2002). A review of multiple-choice item-writing guidelines for classroom assessment. Applied Measurement in Education, 15, 309–334.