Crowd-Sourcing Assessment

Proola was founded in 2012 with the mission of crowd-sourcing assessment literacy and development. By working together, we can build knowledge and expertise about good practice in assessment, while also creating a comprehensive and public data base of high-quality assessment items. Learn more about how Proola works.

The site was created by Tony Albano, faculty in the Educational Psychology department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Tony works with other faculty, researchers, and graduate students at UNL and other universities on the content and upkeep of the site.

Originally designed for graduate students taking courses in assessment, Proola is now being piloted as a professional development tool with in-service teachers and staff. Contact us for more information about how you can participate.

Empowering Educators

Assessments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and support a variety of intended uses. When designed well and used appropriately, they can be critical to student learning.

Standardized tests can inform decisions broadly, but can misinform decisions narrowly.

The design of an assessment determines, in part, how it can be validly used. Classroom assessments are most effective when they're tailored to the curriculum, ability levels, and needs of students in a particular classroom. Unfortunately, classroom and instructional decisions can be misinformed by tests designed for use at the school, state, or national levels.

Educators are in the position to select, create, or adapt classroom assessments to make them as instructionally relevant as possible. So let's empower them to get the most out of assessment.

What We Stand For

Proola literally stands for peer-reviewed, open, online, learning assessment. It figuratively stands for free access to the resources and community that educators need to build their assessment literacy and test effectively in the classroom.


Proola connects people in the process of learning about and creating assessments. This includes teachers, instructors, professors, and other educators, along with principals, administrators, measurement specialists, and psychometricians. The assessment items we submit are reviewed for quality by our peers. Learn more about commenting and review.

Open and Online

Open refers to the fact that Proola is an open-access system. The item bank is public, and commenting and contributing are essential to making sure it grows and contains high-quality items. Anyone can browse the bank. Sign up to comment and contribute.

Learning Assessment

This last one is self-explanatory. Proola is a place to learn about assessment and boost your assessment literacy. After signing up you can practice writing items using a simple interface. The focus is on mastering basic item-writing guidelines to develop questions that target learning objectives and are accessible to students.